Meet our compassionate hospice team!

Meet our caring hospice team, here to support you and your family during difficult times. Led by experienced professionals, our team provides comfort and care for patients nearing the end of life. Whether you need medical assistance, emotional support, or just someone to talk to, our hospice team is here for you. Trust our team to be there for you every step of the way.

Medical Director: Oversees the hospice treatment plan and coordinates care with the hospice care team. They communicate and coordinate care with the patient’s primary care physician/attending physician to understand the full spectrum of the patient’s disease processes.

Skilled Hospice Nurse (RN/LPN): Provides hands-on nursing care in the patient’s home or in a hospice facility. Their duties include pain and symptom management, education, and support to the patient and family in understanding the disease process. They are taught to assess and honor cultural differences.

Certified Nursing Assistant/Hospice Aide (CNA/HHA): Assists the patient with personal care, hygiene and/or light housekeeping

Social Worker: Offers a full spectrum of community resources; in addition, they offer emotional support to the patients and their families

Spiritual Counselor: Our non-denominational spiritual counselor offers families and patients spiritual support throughout the patient’s disease process. They can help in providing grief education, emotional support, spiritual counseling, and bereavement services.

Trained and Certified Hospice Volunteer: Provides support through caregiver respite services, companionship, running errands, light housekeeping, and much more

Complementary Therapists

  • Dieticians
  • Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists
  • Alternative Therapies
  • Bereavement Program

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